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  • Mistakes People Do with Air Conditioners

    Air conditioner servicing or maintenance needs to be done regularly. If you want to keep the work in its best condition, you better clean the filter every month. Since an air conditioner is one of the expensive investments in your home, it is important to avoid mistakes that could ruin your investment. The fault you make could lead to a higher electricity bill or break the unit.

    1. Running the AC 24/7
    Maybe your place is warmer or even hotter. However, you cannot turn on your AC 24/7 without a break. It will decrease operational efficiency. This is why you better turn off the unit once the room feels cooler and comfortable enough. You will also have a chance to reduce your electricity bill after all.

    2. Lower the temperature
    Many people would set the thermostat to the lowest number to get a faster cooling process. If you want to keep the unit in its best condition, you better not set the thermostat lower than the outside area. A higher temperature difference would make a harder task for the compressor. You can set the temperature low after the whole room temperature feels comfortable enough.

    3. Letting outside air gets inside room
    Of course, you need the newer and fresher air inside the room. However, letting the outside air gets inside the room while the unit is on would increase the difficulty of the AC to cool your room down. This issue will also go to the compressor. When the compressor is broken, it will cost you a hefty amount of money to repair it or buy the new one.

    4. Poor maintenance habit
    As we have mentioned earlier, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance. You cannot skip the routine or it will kill your AC. If you cannot do the maintenance on your own, you can hire a professional for the air conditioner servicing.

    Mind The Power Consumption To AvoidAir Conditioner Servicing

    The electronics are all about the energy consumption, and the more energy they consume, the more it prone it is for being broken, and thus will be needing the Aircon Servicing inhttp://www.airconboy.sg. That is actually very normal since the technology are actually very heavily depends on the lifespan, and there will be the time when you need to replace the machine for something new, or completely trash the old one and get the new one. But the issue of technology is not just about the lifespan, but also the usage which sometimes reduce the lifespan of the machine and making them broken prematurely.

    In the case of an AC, the one which will break the machine is overusing. Many people that is using the AC is often use the AC abusively and without giving the machine times to cool down. This will leads to the rust of the coil and also the clogged filter. The clogged filter will make it harder for the AC to lower the temperature or to deliver the fresh and clean air since the filter is the only way out for the wind. You need to routinely do Air Conditioner Servicing to make sure all components are healthy and can be used.

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