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    Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is open for visitors every day of the year except during severe weather.


    October 1 through April 10: 7 AM to *5:30 PM
    April 11 through September 30: 7 AM to *7:30 PM
    *Note: Entrance within one hour (4:30 PM October 1-April 10, or 6:30 PM April 11-September 30) of closing is not allowed because there is insufficient time to be out of the sanctuary by the closing time.

    All visitors must be off the boardwalk before the closing time unless a special program is being conducted by the Corkscrew staff. No individual is allowed on the boardwalk after dark. This regulation was established for the protection of wading birds that roost or nest near the boardwalk. Any disturbance of these birds at night might result in nest failure.

    This regulation applies each month of the year. Vehicles found in the parking area after the closing time may be towed at the owner's expense.


    Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is located northeast of Naples, Florida, in Collier County. It is at the end of Sanctuary Road West, north of Immokalee Road (County Road 846), approximately 15 miles east of Exit 111 on I-75. Visible, brown informational signs along Immokalee Road assist in finding the Sanctuary. Please click here for a printable map and directions.

    Admission fees

    Adult: $ 10.00
    Full-time college student with photo ID: $ 6.00
    National Audubon Society member with membership card: $ 5.00
    Student (6-18 years old): $ 4.00
    Children under 6: free

    What to Expect


    A 2.25-mile raised boardwalk takes visitors through four distinct environments: a pine upland, a wet prairie, a cypress forest, and a marsh. Interpretive signs along the boardwalk and a field guide and Children's Activity Book available at the admissions desk in the Blair Center allow each visitor to take the self-guided tour. Benches and rain shelters are along the trail. For those who do not wish to walk the full 2.25 miles, an optional trail shortens the walk to one mile. Volunteer naturalists are usually on the boardwalk to answer questions. Allow about 2-3 hours.


    Wheelchairs and strollers are available without charge for use while on the boardwalk. These are kept in or near the Blair Center and are provided on a first-come basis.


    Wildlife sightings vary depending on the time of year, the weather, and even the time of day. Birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, and a variety of native plants including wild orchids may be seen from the boardwalk. To print a checklist of wildlife that might be seen from the boardwalk (pdf format), click here. Due to natural predators such as mosquito fish and dragonflies, mosquitos are not a great nuisance in the swamp.


    Southwest Florida has two seasons: a dry season in the winter months and a rainy season in the summer months. Typical temperatures in the winter/dry season are highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's, and in the summer/rainy season, highs are in the 90's and lows in the 70's. A typical summer day begins with sunshine; then, clouds and humidity build in the early afternoon leading to a late afternoon thunderstorm and clearing skies in the evening. Summer visitors should come prepared for changeable weather.

    Click for Naples, Florida Forecast


    Absolutely NO foods, beverages (other than water), or tobacco are allowed on the boardwalk, and the only restrooms are in the Living Machine at the entrance to the Sanctuary. A small selection of cold sandwiches (available December-April), snacks, and soft drinks are available in the Blair Audubon Center, but they must be eaten there or in the picnic area adjacent to the parking lots.


    No pay phones exist at the Sanctuary, and there is no access to a telephone at Corkscrew except for emergency situations. The closest pay phones are five miles southwest of the Sanctuary at G's General Store on Immokalee Road.

    NATURE STORE in the Blair Center

    Our Nature Store features an extensive selection of field guides, natural history books, Florida travel books, optics and binoculars, clothing, cards, gifts, bird feeders, nature cassettes and videos, and camera film. All proceeds from the Nature Store help support resource management and education activities at the sanctuary. The Nature Store is open all days when the Sanctuary is open and closes each day at 5:30 PM even during the summer months when the boardwalk is open until 7:30 PM.


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